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Inside the Troublebox

6 June
My name is Richard E. Gropp. I'm a 30-something guy … a Seattle native, transplanted to Florida, then transplanted back to Washington. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English Literature from UC Santa Cruz. I'm an ex-bookstore clerk, ex-accountant, ex-dot-comer, and I'm currently taking time off from the gainfully-employed world to work on my dream of becoming a fiction writer (thanks, mostly, to the support of my wonderful boyfriend of 10+ years). I'm a fan of genre fiction (primarily science fiction, horror, and detective fiction).

One of my stories was recently published at Daily Science Fiction. Follow the link and give it a read!

Breaking news: My first novel, Bad Glass (Grand Prize Winner of the Suvudu Writing Contest, 2011), JUST CAME OUT. Here's the Amazon link

This journal is currently idle, but you can check out my TWITTER feed if you like.

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